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Your Child ... Your Way

Tanya Byron

As an often insecure mum of two children herself and a clinical psychologist, Dr Tanya Byron knows about parenting from both a professional and personal perspective. Rather than separate the two, Tanya infuses her professional knowledge with personal insight and the result is advice that really does work. She offers the practical tools to deal with any situation or behaviour, and also helps parents to understand the whys and have the confidence to handle anything life as a parent throws their way!

This is the ultimate guide to positive parenting. Tanya's hope is that once a parent has read her book, they won't need her or anyone else's advice again — because they will trust and believe in their own instincts, and follow the signs their child gives them.

Dr. Tanya Byron is a clinical psychologist who has practised within the UK's National Health Service for sixteen years. She has in-depth experience of working and teaching in many aspects of mental health and psychology. She specializes in treating children, teenagers and families with psychological difficulties in a wide range of areas. She has two children of her own.

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  • Health and Wellbeing
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223 x 168mm
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The Doris Partnership
The Doris Partnership
The Doris Partnership
The Doris Partnership
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The Doris Partnership
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