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Status Quo and the Kangaroo

Jon Holmes

Why was Elton John’s reworking of Candle in the Wind for Princess Diana a terrible, terrible mistake? Which rock star would regularly leave what unspeakable gift inside hotel room hairdryers? And did Omar Sharif and Ian Dury ever comes to blows and have to be separated by a Blockhead (‘leave Omar, he’s a raspberry!’).

Rock and roll and rumour go together like Peaches and Geldof. This book contains more filth, more fury and more potentially libellous stories that may yet see the author in prison, than have ever been written down in book form before. Gathered here under the cover of erm… a cover is a brand new collection of myths, legends, and apocryphal tales of pop and rock, straight from the mouths of those that were there, those that shouldn’t have been there and those that were there but left early and only heard about it afterwards. Status Quo and The Kangaroo opens up a Pandora’s musical box of bad behaviour and jumps head first into the mess.

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Fact or Fiction? Heard the 'Rumours' about Stevie Nicks, cocaine and a straw?

Fact or Fiction? 'Something got me started'... Who threw up all over Mick Hucknall in the back of a taxi cab?

Fact or Fiction? Did Status Quo really pose with a dead leather-clad kangaroo?

Coke through a straw, 13-year-old cousins, exploding mice…take a load of rock stars, throw in a lethal concoction of fame, drugs, drink, groupies and there's bound to be trouble…the sickest collection of rock apocryphals around, think you can stomach Jon Holmes' filthy stories? Do you believe them? Or more importantly, do you care?

Jon Holmes is what his agent describes as a multi-award winning writer, broadcaster and comedian. He co-created the hit comedy Dead Ringers, is the short one on both Radio 4’s The Now Show and Radio 2’s The Day The Music Died, and is a regular collaborator of Alan Partridge and The Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci. He’s also co-written Stephen Fry’s script for the BAFTA awards, hosted the MOJO Awards and proudly holds the record for the largest ever fine for taste and decency offences in British Broadcasting history. It all happened after an on-air game of ‘Swearing Radio Hangman For the Under 12s’. Google it, why don’t you?

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