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Jamie's Ministry of Food

Jamie Oliver

Learn to cook from scratch with Jamie in as little as 24 hours! The only back-to-basics cookbook you will ever need. Sixty years ago, in war-torn Europe, food was in short supply and malnutrition rates were scarily high. The public were taught how to make the best use of the food available to them. Fast forward to the present day, where we have unlimited choices and plenty of food, yet we're living in a world of junk food, additives and preservatives. Obesity levels are rising and most people have little or no idea about how to cook and what makes a balanced diet. We need to learn from the past. We need to look back at the way our grandmothers and great-grandmothers cooked - wholesome, tasty food that was simple and quick to prepare. If you're a complete beginner in the kitchen, our promise to you is that you'll be making some great dinners within hours of reading this book. A little knowledge and a few basic tools can go a long way and this book is your first step... With chapters devoted to things like Roast Dinners and Minced Meat, this is Jamie's simplest 'how to cook' book ever.

Jamie Oliver has worked with some of the world's top chefs and now runs his own restaurant, Fifteen. He lives in London with his wife Jools and their two daughters. Penguin published his previous books: The Naked Chef, The Return of the Naked Chef, Happy Days with the Naked Chef, Jamie's Kitchen, Jamie's Dinners, Jamie's Italy, Cook With Jamie and Jamie At Home, which have all been phenomenal bestsellers.

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