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Liberal International Order

Adam Roberts

Liberal International Order asks a simple question: can international relations be managed peacefully, or must there be conflict? Adam Roberts explores this question with unique insight and expertise, along with the much-contested idea that liberal principles can provide the foundation for a new kind of order greatly superior to that of the past. He envisages an order that will overcome the most disastrous aspects of international politics: clashes of ideology, war, civil war, and mass killings by dictatorial rulers, and will replace them with universal codes of diplomacy and discussion. The most troubling problem for modern international orders, such at the EU, is the question of whether it is legitimate and right to intervene in a state's affairs in order to impose liberal rule against the will of a tyrannical government. Given the current situation in Iraq, Roberts's examination of this issue could be no more pertinent or necessary.

Professor Sir Adam Roberts is Britain's leading international relations scholar. He is the Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at Oxford University, and a member of the Council of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London (2002- ). He is also a member of the UK Defence Academy Advisory Board (2003- ).

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Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts
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Adam Roberts
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