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Doctoring the Mind

Richard P Bentall

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the solution to mental illness seemed to be found. It lay in biological solutions, focusing on mental illness as a problem of the brain, to be managed or improved through drugs. We entered the 'Prozac Age' and believed we had moved on definitively from the time of mental asylums and frontal lobotomies to an age of good and successful mental healthcare. Biological psychiatry had triumphed. Except maybe it hadn't. Starting with surprising evidence from the World Health Organisation that suggests people recover better from mental illness in a developing country than in the first world, The Trouble with Psychiatry asks the question: how good are our mental health services, really? Drawing on research he himself has conducted over the course of twenty years, Richard Bentall picks apart the science that underlies much current psychiatric practice across the US and UK. The Trouble with Psychiatry is surprising and humane, bringing the experience of both patients and mental health professionals into focus. Arguing passionately for a future of mental health treatment that focuses as much on the patients as individuals as on the brain itself, this is a book set to redefine our understanding of the treatment of madness in the twenty-first century.

Richard Bentall is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Wales. Known internationally for his research, his previous book Madness Explained won the British Psychological Society Book Award.

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New York University Press (PRH Rights)
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David Grossman Literary Agency
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