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The Hammer and the Cross

Robert Ferguson

A definitive new history of the Vikings, which shows that the Viking Age (c. 790 - 1100) was not a historical irregularity, as it is often presented, but that it evolved naturally out of the preceding centuries and merged as naturally into the centuries that followed. Ferguson shows how the inhabitants of Norway, Sweden and Denmark were united in the seventh century by the development of a highly sophisticated maritime culture. The technological genius of the longships which the Vikings developed enabled them to carry out raids to the south and the west, and brought them into conflict with western Europe for the first time. The Vikings vividly tells the story of the conflict between the violent and defiantly non-Christian Viking culture, and the Christian values held by the rest of Europe, and the consequences of the Vikings' conversion to Christianity at the close of the eleventh century. Ferguson also sensitively examines the social, historical and cultural context in which the Vikings lived, and brings clarity to this complicated period.

Robert Ferguson is a Visiting Professor of Scandinavian Studies at Edinburgh University. He is the author of several books, including literary biographies of Hamsun and Ibsen and the Short Sharp Life of T.E. Hulme. He lives in Norway, and is uniquely placed to write a history that takes into account Scandinavian as well as British scholarship.

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