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Inventing the Individual

Larry Siedentop

This ambitious and stimulating book asks us to rethink the evolution of the ideas on which modern states are built. Larry Siedentop argues that the core of what is now our system of beliefs, liberalism, emerged much earlier than generally recognised, established not in the Renaissance but by the arguments of lawyers and philosophers in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. There are large parts of the world - fundamentalist Islam; quasi-capitalist China - where other belief systems flourish. Faced with these challenges, understanding our own ideas' origins is more than ever an important part of knowing who we are.

Larry Siedentop was appointed to the first post in intellectual history ever established in Britain, at Sussex University in the 1970's. From there he moved to Oxford, becoming Faculty Lecturer in Political Thought and a Fellow of Keble College. His writings include a study of Tocqueville, an edition of Guizot's History of Civilization in Europe and Democracy in Europe, which has been translated into a dozen languages. Siedentop was made CBE in 2004.

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  • History
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Politics and Current Affairs
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Larry Siedentop
Larry Siedentop
Larry Siedentop
Larry Siedentop
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Larry Siedentop
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